Human Trafficking

The first picture I found showed a young girl being trafficked, and you could see the St. Louis Arch in the background. Everyone thinks this is an issue that is somewhere else — overseas, international,


It’s a local issue.
It’s in our backyards.
It’s a crime against humanity.

David Peckinpaugh
President, Maritz Global Events

David Peckinpaugh — Our fight to end human trafficking

Maritz Global Events protects basic human rights by supporting efforts to STOP human trafficking.

Training Staff

We train our employees to recognize the signs and report human trafficking crimes in progress.

Speaking Out

One of the first in our industry to sign ECPAT-USA’ Tourism Child Protection Code of Conduct, we continue to take a stand at industry conferences and events throughout the U.S. to educate partners, clients and the public.

Involving Partners

Last year, we sent 16,817 RFPs to suppliers that included the question:

“Do you have a policy against human trafficking?”

We also amplify the message of St. Louis-based Exchange Initiative by promoting participation in the TraffickCam app. This innovative tool enables law enforcement to identify human trafficking crime scenes through a database of hotel room photos generated by volunteers who take and submit these images.

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