Global Code of Conduct

Living the Code – Every Day

A Message from Steve Maritz

At Maritz, we believe good ethics is good business and that honesty and integrity are non-negotiable. In a time when business is done globally and we face more complex tasks and challenges than ever, it is important we understand and adhere to high ethical standards – every day.

This Code of Conduct outlines what Maritz considers ethical business and describes how we want to build and maintain professional relationships with each other, our clients and our suppliers. It applies to all employees regardless of your business, position or geographical location.

At Maritz we like to say, “Work hard, have fun and get the job done.” We take exceptional care of our clients, and we have fun being successful at what we do. Maritz relies on you to make good choices and ensure our values remain uncompromised.

By keeping the highest ethical standards top of mind each day, you do your part to guarantee the future success of our company and help us continue what we’ve been doing for more than a hundred years – good things for our clients, good things for our people and good things for the communities in which we work.

Remember that reporting concerns and violations of the Code is one of your responsibilities as a Maritz employee. Keep this Code for future reference; you might not need it every day, but it is a valuable resource.

Thank you for your commitment to Maritz and for living the Code every day. As we grow and build upon the strong foundation on which this company is based, we must all remain committed to the highest ethical business standards.

About The Code

We are convinced ethical business is good business, and loyalty to our ethical standards demonstrates our commitment to our customers, business partners and the communities where we live and work.

At Maritz, we define ethics as the high standard of doing business in a manner which is fair, open, objective and free of consideration of hidden personal gains on either side.

The purpose of this Code is to ensure that each of us has the same understanding of what Maritz considers ethical business standards and embraces them every day as a part of our culture.

While we expect all Maritz employees to understand and live the Code, full-time and regular part-time U.S. employees are also required to pass a test and complete an online certification as well as annual re-certification. Employees working in, or reporting to, Maritz offices located outside of the U.S. must comply with the training and certification requirements specific to their office.

Daily compliance with the Code is critical to the success of our business. Misconduct may lead to violations of law and can result in criminal and civil liabilities for Maritz or for you, your clients and colleagues. In addition to potential criminal and civil liabilities, violations of the Code may lead to disciplinary actions, with penalties up to and including demotion, financial loss or even termination.

Our Values

Maritz’ vision is to be the best in the business, fun to work with and our clients’ most valuable ally. Our mission is to help clients achieve their full potential through understanding, enabling and motivating their employees, channel partners and customers.

Our vision and mission have long been supported by the Maritz Compass, which is rooted in our six values:

  • Client Focus: Unwavering focus on client and marketplace needs
  • People: Valuing, respecting, and developing people
  • Teamwork: Pulling together to achieve common goals
  • Perseverance: Never giving up
  • Achievement: Accomplishing goals
  • Fun: Creating a spirit of fun and good cheer in our everyday activities

Our Compass also includes personal characteristics that define how we do business at Maritz. These four characteristics – intellect, intensity, dedication and decency – define behavior that supports our vision and mission in a way that reflects our commitment to ethics.

Our Responsibilities

We believe that doing business ethically goes beyond the letter of the law. To ensure that ethical business practices are fully understood and embraced, all Maritz people are required to read, understand and comply with this Code.

The basic principles of living the Code are:

  1. Treat others with respect.
  2. Act responsibly.
  3. Play fair.

While these principles provide a fairly clear outline of what is expected from all of us every day, real-life situations can often be more difficult to navigate.

When facing a tough decision or a situation not addressed by the Code, ask yourself the following basic questions to determine if you should take action:

If a report of the alleged conduct appeared on the front page of tomorrow morning’s newspaper, would there be a risk to Maritz or me of embarrassment, humiliation or moral criticism?

If disclosed, would there be a possibility of legal or regulatory action against me, my colleagues, Maritz, any Maritz client or supplier or any of their employees?

If the answer to either of these questions could be yes, err on the side of caution and report the matter. The earlier we learn of potential ethical or legal issues, the more quickly we can respond and prevent or diminish any potential consequences. Remember, it is MANDATORY for all Maritz people and contractors to report ethical or legal concerns and violations.

Be sure to remember, you are not alone when you face a difficult choice. Your colleagues and management are available to help. No code of conduct or ethics program can cover every question or business situation, but you have other resources to turn to, such as your manager, the ethics committee and your human resources representative. Please review the last pages of this document to learn about other available resources.

As a global business, Maritz employees are subject to laws and regulations of different countries and organizations. Each of us is responsible for knowing and following the laws that apply to us where we live, and to those that apply to our business transactions. When in doubt, seek guidance.

Treat Others With Respect

Part of living the Code is our commitment to fairness and non-discrimination in all employment decisions. Our people and job applicants are entitled to respect and are judged only on the basis of their qualifications, demonstrated skills and achievements.

It is important to remember the golden rule and treat others as you wish to be treated. Review your decisions and actions to ensure they are driven by objective business considerations. Report concerns to your manager, the ethics officer, human resources representative or the law department.

We Do Not Tolerate Harassment Or Discrimination

Maritz stands for the Science and Art of People and Potential, and the way we treat people is fundamental to the success of our business and to keeping the Code alive. In order for us to remain successful, it is important to maintain healthy and collaborative professional relationships. Therefore, we do not tolerate any verbal or physical behavior that involves intimidation, discrimination, harassment or abuse, or creates an intimidating, offensive, abusive or hostile work environment.

Forms of harassment or discrimination may include:

  • Age
  • Disability
  • Gender and gender identity
  • Genetic information
  • Marital status
  • Military status
  • Pregnancy
  • Race and ethnicity
  • Religion
  • Sexual orientation
  • Or any other forms of discriminatory behavior prohibited by the laws or regulations in the locations where we operate

Sexual harassment can occur in many different ways; for example, when a request for a date, a sexual favor or other similar conduct of a sexual nature is made a condition of employment or used as the basis for employment decisions. It includes behaviors that foster an intimidating, offensive or hostile work environment through unwelcome sexual advances, insulting jokes or other offensive verbal or physical behavior of a sexual nature.

When considering whether harassment is present, watch for these red flags:

  • Abuse, insults or ridicule
  • Blocking of normal movement
  • Depiction of harassers as victims or of victims as complainers
  • Dismissive attitudes or comments about anti-harassment policies
  • Display of inappropriate pictures or other material
  • Inappropriate language, remarks, gestures or physical contact
  • Sexual, racial or other offensive jokes, slurs, comments (explicitly or by innuendo), emails or verbal or non-verbal threats

Caring for each other is essential to our culture at Maritz and to keeping the spirit of the Code alive. If you believe you have witnessed harassment or discrimination, help by speaking out. Do not tolerate harassment in any form, including emails, texting, video and social networking sites through which questionable content may be attributed to Maritz. Report all incidents of harassment and discrimination that may compromise our ability to work together harmoniously in a team environment.

We Ensure A Safe And Healthy Workplace

While Maritz endeavors to always provide a safe and healthy work environment for our employees, visitors and suppliers, it takes effort from all of us to ensure we are safe while we are at work. Verbal or physical conduct that may threaten or intimidate a co-worker, supplier or visitor is strictly prohibited.

Maritz people are expected to comply with our safety and health policies and procedures at all times. If an unsafe condition cannot be fixed immediately, promptly notify the facilities department, your manager, your human resources representative or the ethics officer. All Maritz people have the right and responsibility to stop any work they feel may be unsafe.

For those facilities which require security credentials, Maritz people and visitors should always display and use such credentials in accordance with the security requirements of the facility, and should not allow others to enter Maritz premises without properly displaying and, if applicable, using their security credentials.

Maritz people should not use, possess or be under the influence of alcohol, drugs, medications or any other substance that could interfere with a safe and effective work environment while performing Maritz business.

Are you living the Code?

You’ve noticed increased tension between two employees. After several heated conversations, one of them has become withdrawn. You overhear him on the phone saying his career is ruined and he plans to “get even.” You have a good relationship with both employees and don’t want to get anyone in trouble. You’re not sure what to do, so you wait to see.


You have the responsibility to report any situation that may lead to workplace violence. You must promptly notify your human resources representative or Maritz management of actual or suspected threats of violence.

Threatening, aggressive or abusive behavior by anyone toward our employees, clients or others in the workplace will never be tolerated. Such behavior by employees will result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment. Maritz also reserves the right to report actual or threatened workplace violence to appropriate law enforcement authorities. If you observe threatening, aggressive or abusive behavior, immediately contact management or, if applicable, your facility’s security department.

Act Responsibly

In recent years, individuals, companies and governments have grown increasingly concerned about the privacy and security of personally identifiable information, as well as the professionalism of our online and offline activities – for good reason. Here’s what you need to know to act responsibly.

We Manage Information Rescources Prudently

Personally identifiable information may include social security numbers, credit card numbers, or financial and health information from colleagues, clients, business partners and others. This particular type of information is protected by state, federal, national and international laws and may not be disclosed without proper authorization. We collect personally identifiable information (PII) only by responsible and lawful means and only for legitimate business purposes.

We respect personally identifiable information and ensure its protection by:

  • Securing the confidential information of current and former employees, job applicants, partners and clients
  • Accessing and using personally identifiable information solely for proper business purposes and only if there is a legitimate need
  • Destroying all confidential information that is no longer needed in accordance with our Enterprise Records Management program
  • Immediately contacting the privacy officer, law department or the ethics officer if we receive an inquiry or complaint about the way Maritz handles personally identifiable information

Maritz’ information assets should be protected and used for legitimate business purposes only. Note that while using company property and information assets, such property is subject to monitoring; and you should have no expectation of privacy.

Information assets include the following:

  • Physical:
    Buildings, land, equipment (including computers, mobile and office telephones), facilities, vehicles and computer hardware
  • Electronic:
    Computer networks and internet access, telephones, fax machines, PDAs, voicemail, email, IM (instant messaging), software, applications, databases and removable media
  • Knowledge and Information:
    Technical, employment, vendor, health, locator, financial and other non-public information, processes and procedures as well as intellectual property such as copyrights, patents, trademarks and trade secrets

Be sure to immediately report any suspected breach of information security or misuse of company resources to your manager, your human resources representative, the information security department, the privacy officer, the law department, or the ethics officer.

We Handle Our Records Properly

How we handle our business records is vital to protecting the assets of our company and our clients in the event of litigation, investigations and audits. Therefore, Maritz endeavors to manage our business records in accordance with applicable state, federal, national and international laws and regulations. Our Enterprise Records Management (ERM) policies ensure the following four requirements are met:

  1. We keep our records long enough to meet legal, regulatory and business requirements.
  2. We can systemically locate and provide documents when needed.
  3. We protect records as appropriate.
  4. We dispose of records as soon as they have fulfilled their purpose.

By adhering to these requirements, Maritz protects our corporate interests (including those of our clients), reduces our legal risks, and eliminates unnecessary costs by improving organizational efficiency. Our records management and information security policies are available on MyMaritz through:

  • Enterprise Records Manual, which is supplemented by the Data Classification Matrix
  • Information Resources Acceptable Use Policy
  • Data Handling and Disposal Security Practice
  • Records Retention Schedule
which is supplemented by the

All Maritz people are required to be familiar with our ERM and information security policies and to put them into practice in everything we do. If you feel unsure of your responsibilities after reviewing the ERM manual, contact your records coordinator or an enterprise records manager to assist you.

As a Maritz employee, you must understand the unauthorized divulging of confidential information is prohibited. Confidential information includes non-public information such as pricing, costs, sales, profits, compensation, clients, suppliers, ideas, concepts and any other information which would be valuable to Maritz’ competitors or clients. Be sure to understand that your obligation to protect confidential information extends beyond your employment with Maritz.

Are you living the Code?

You made a purchase on behalf of Maritz from a supplier requiring a credit card for deposit. You don’t have immediate access to a corporate credit card, so you obtain a corporate credit card number and 3 digit security code from a member of your account team and send the number and security code to the supplier from your Maritz email account later in the day. The email is sent unencrypted through the Maritz network. Is there a problem?


You should not send either personal or professional credit card information (or other Maritz Sensitive information) unencrypted in an email. The Information Security Data/Records Handling and Disposal Security Practice mandates encryption be used for electronically storing and transmitting Maritz Sensitive information.

We Report Financial Information Accurately

Honesty is an integral part of how we live the Code. We are dedicated to meeting our client commitments including all contractual obligations. To ensure transparency, our books, records and all supporting documents must accurately and fairly reflect all of the company’s assets and liabilities and the true nature of all our transactions. This means we never misrepresent or obscure the purposes of a transaction. Also, we never approve any payments on behalf of the company for any illegal or unethical purposes or make payments that benefit a payee in any other way than originally intended in the payment-related records.

Business expenses incurred must be submitted accurately and in a timely manner. All company invoices to clients must accurately reflect all furnished goods and services, as well as their price. If a client is eligible for a refund, it should be made directly to the client either through a Maritz-issued check or bank transfer, or, if appropriate and contractually permitted, by reducing the amount the client owes us.

We Follow Internet Best Practices

Maritz fully supports the open dialogue, exchange of ideas and learning made possible by social media, including blogs, information boards, chat rooms, social networking sites, wikis and similar forums. These tools are a means for Maritz people to stay responsibly connected, both socially and professionally. Social media use is also an effective means to empower our people as professionals, innovators and global citizens.

However, it is important to remember that when using these tools, you represent Maritz and are responsible for your posts. When you express your personal opinions on blogs and similar forums, be sure to avoid the impression that you are in any way speaking on behalf of Maritz.

Internet postings should not disclose any information that is confidential or proprietary to Maritz, or confidential to any client that has disclosed information to Maritz. Don’t use your Maritz e-mail address for posting and, if appropriate, use a disclaimer to clarify that the expressed opinion is your own and not that of Maritz.

Postings in social media are in the public domain and, practically speaking, are no different than writing a letter to the editor, participating in an industry roundtable or publishing an article. Therefore, as a Maritz employee don’t say anything you wouldn’t say on stage with a microphone or at a conference representing Maritz. Remember, you are a part of the Maritz brand.

We Accept Responsibility For Our Communities

Maritz is dedicated to empowering people to reach their full potential and ensuring a solid and bright future for generations to come. At Maritz, we understand, enable and motivate people to unleash hidden human potential. We enable people to do things differently by developing their strengths, knowledge and confidence.

Because of our focus on the development of people, we feel the best way Maritz, as a company, can have an impact in the communities in which we live and work is to align ourselves with educational endeavors. We demonstrate our commitment to human potential through philanthropic initiatives and partnerships with organizations offering programs designed to educate.

In addition to our monetary donations for educational purposes, Maritz people support the goals and objectives of our partner organizations through volunteerism, leveraging their personal talents and professional skill sets to further improve our communities.

All charitable contributions made by Maritz must be in compliance with applicable laws and Maritz’ policy on charitable contributions. Maritz contributions must also be approved in advance by the manager of community affairs and the corporate giving council.

Maritz is also committed to complying with all applicable environmental laws and regulations and will be considerate of the potential impact of its activities on the health and welfare of Maritz employees, the residents in communities where Maritz operates and the environment. All Maritz employees must adhere to applicable laws and regulations pertaining to environmental compliance.

Play Fair

Maritz is known in the community for being a good corporate citizen. We should never cover up any wrongdoing or operational problems; report them immediately to the law department, ethics officer or your manager. Our reputation is the result of our ongoing commitment to play fair and protect our relationships.

We Cooperate With Audits And Investigations

Committed to honesty in how we do business, Maritz endeavors to promptly investigate any reports of misconduct. All Maritz people and suppliers are required to cooperate fully and truthfully with designated audit and investigation teams. Never mislead an investigator and never alter or destroy documents or records related to an audit or investigation. Always be upfront and candid.

Be sure to understand the following about audits and investigations:

  • Audits and investigations will be carried out by trained colleagues or other professionals.
  • You should respect the sensitivity of an ongoing audit or investigation – disclosure of sensitive information could harm the investigation and involved parties.
  • Maritz and Maritz managers will not retaliate against you if you participate in an audit or investigation.

We Do Not Retaliate

As mentioned previously, our policy is to listen openly to concerns about misconduct and respond appropriately. Maritz will not retaliate against any employee in connection with an issue or concern that was raised in good faith and results in an audit or investigation.

We take claims of retaliation seriously. If you believe you have been retaliated against, report the matter immediately. Every claim will be thoroughly investigated and, if substantiated, retaliators will be disciplined up to and including termination.

We Comply With Antitrust Laws

Maritz is strongly committed to compliance with antitrust laws and the promotion of fair competition among businesses. We never take advantage of our clients, suppliers, competitors or employees through manipulation, concealment, abuse of confidential information, misrepresentation or any other unfair-dealing practices. We must not enter into agreements with competitors to engage in any anti-competitive behavior, including price-fixing or dividing up clients, suppliers or markets.

Antitrust laws are complex, so if questions arise, contact the law department. Compliance requirements can vary depending on the circumstances and the jurisdiction, but the following are some basic antitrust “don’ts” to keep in mind:

  1. Don’t discuss prices or agree to limit or increase supply with competitors.
  2. Don’t agree to allocate clients, markets or territories with competitors.
  3. Don’t think “what happens overseas stays overseas.” Note the federal antitrust and bribery laws apply to activities carried out in overseas markets if they affect United States commerce.

We Are Honest In Our Marketing And Sales Activities

All claims about Maritz’ products and services must be truthful and accurate. We should never make false or illegal claims about our own or about our competitors’ offerings. We must not create misleading impressions in any presentations, advertising, marketing or sales materials. Any questions about marketing or sales claims should be directed to the law department or the ethics officer, or if neither are easily accessible, your manager.

We also never engage in bribery. Bribery means offering, promising, giving, asking or accepting any form of advantage. Don’t carry out an activity if it:

  • Compromises or violates your undivided loyalty to your employer
  • Compromises your duties and responsibilities to Maritz for personal gain
  • Improperly compensates another employee, a public official or another non-Maritz employee for any activities that are or may appear to be beneficial to Maritz

We have a zero-tolerance approach to bribery and corruption, and we expect the same of our business associates. This means we never use others to commit acts of bribery. We communicate this zero-tolerance approach to all suppliers, contractors and business partners at the outset of our business relationships with them and as appropriate afterwards.

Improper actions with respect to foreign officials, political parties or persons are prohibited under anti-corruption laws such as the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (“FCPA”) and the UK Bribery Act of 2010, which impose potential fines and imprisonment for violations. Questions regarding prohibitions and obligations imposed by anti-corruption laws should be directed to the law department.

Concerns about potential violations should be brought to the attention of the ethics officer.

We Avoid Conflicts Of Interest

When conducting business on behalf of Maritz, avoid conflicts of interest. Each of us must avoid any situation that may create or appear to create a conflict between our personal interests and the interests of Maritz.

As a Maritz employee, you are required to fully disclose any conflict or relationship you feel may compromise, or appear to compromise, your ability to objectively perform your work.

Watch out for these prohibitions in particular:

  • A Maritz person or a member of his or her family may not receive personal benefits from a Maritz supplier or client which may affect, or appear to affect, business objectivity as a result of his or her position with Maritz.
  • In purchasing matters, Maritz people are prohibited from conducting Maritz business with family members or a business organization that is associated with the Maritz person’s family without first getting appropriate approval from Maritz management.
  • Maritz people are not permitted to, directly or through others, hire, supervise, promote, discipline, demote, terminate, assign work to, or affect the compensation or other term or conditions of employment of a spouse or other relative.

Are you living the Code?

You are responsible for evaluating the responses to a request for purchase bid and recognize your son works for one of the responding companies. Do you need to be careful, even though he doesn’t work directly in the division that responds to the bid?


Our relationship with suppliers should not have a conflict or appear to have a conflict. You should let your manager know immediately about the potential conflict. A management decision will be made as to whether you should excuse yourself from the review process.

We Use Good Judgment When It Comes to Gifts And Favors

Maritz recognizes it is common practice in the normal course of business to exchange courtesy gifts of minimal value from time to time while working with outside parties. We trust our people to select suppliers objectively on the basis of price, quality and reliability of their products and services.

Therefore, these courtesies are permitted as long as they are presented without the intention to improperly influence judgment, or obligate Maritz or you in any way. While you conduct business for Maritz, be sure not to accept or present gifts, favors or other items of value that would improperly influence your judgment or may appear to give Maritz an unfair advantage in return. Gifts of cash or cash equivalents may never be offered or accepted.

We are committed to avoid any activities that could lead to a conflict between our clients’ employees’ personal economic interests and their loyalty to their employers. There may be exceptions, but the rule of thumb is not to grant a gift or favor if it:

  • Benefits our business partner’s employee
  • Creates a conflict of interest between our business partner and their employee
  • Improperly influences the judgment of our business partner’s employee in relation to the business.

We similarly expect our suppliers and other business partners to refrain from activities that could create a conflict between the personal interests of our people and their loyalty to Maritz. To avoid such conflicts of interest, you should not accept any significant contributions, hospitality, prizes, gifts or favors from our suppliers or partners unless they have been approved by management.

If you are unsure if giving or accepting a particular gift or favor complies with the Code, ask your manager or the ethics officer to advise.

Are YOU in line with the Code?

One of your customers, who was very pleased with the quick response and service she received during a particular project, mails a basket of goodies to the operations department to say thanks! The whole department shared the goodies. Is there a problem?


It is an expectation that every Maritz employee provides excellent customer service. It is appropriate to accept gifts of minimal value as long as the customer was not given preferential treatment over any other service calls. There should not be any expectation of compensation when providing good customer service.

Where Can I Get Help?

Maritz provides several resources if you have questions about ethical issues, need guidance on a specific policy or wish to report concerns about illegal, unethical or improper conduct.

Usually, your manager will be your first contact, but if you are unable or feel uncomfortable talking to your manager, contact the ethics officer, Maritz’ general counsel or other Maritz management.

Maritz also offers a confidential, third-party ethics hotline (877.516.3386) available 24 hours a day, as well as an email address ( Both are designed to permit either identifiable or anonymous reporting of concerns.

While an anonymous report of any violation of the letter or spirit of the Code is perfectly acceptable, we prefer you provide your name and contact information so we may obtain additional information if an audit or investigation needs to be carried out. Please understand Maritz may not be able to inform you about individual disciplinary actions for legal or other reasons.

Please know all reported information will be handled discreetly. Discussions and inquiries will be kept in strict confidence to the extent appropriate or permitted by policy or law.

All reported concerns will be investigated by a member of the ethics committee. The committee consists of five members who meet quarterly to discuss ethical issues or situations that need to be addressed, ensure company-wide compliance with the Code, investigate reports of alleged violations and recommend appropriate disciplinary action. Disciplinary action can include, but is not limited to, termination of employment and referral for criminal or civil action when appropriate.

Members of the ethics committee include:

  • Steve Gallant, ethics officer
  • Rick Ramos, chief financial officer
  • Dennis Hummel, president
  • Two rotating business leader

Contacts to assist you in living the code

Resources for living the Code are available via web, email or phone. Maritz’ ethics hotline is a completely confidential, third-party service available 24 hours a day.

Maritz Ethics Hotline: 877.516.3386

Ethics Email Address:

Privacy Email Address:

Ethics Officer: Steve Gallant 636.827.4290

Enterprise Records Managers:

  • Derek Mays 636.827.2170
  • Lori McFarland 636.827.2866
  • Linda Whitworth 636.827.4332


Privacy Officer: Derek Mays 636.827.2170

Director Of Information Security: Brad Najar 636.827.1136


General Counsel: Steve Gallant 636.827.4290

Deputy General Counsel: Derek Mays 636.827.2170

Associate General Counsel: Becky Bromberg 636.827.4154


Canada: Natalia Strelbytsky 905.696.5240

Channel Services: Ruthie Burst 636.827.3032

Corporate: David Estes 636.827.3376

Experient:  Jackie Richards 740.881.5580

UK: Dawn White +44 14-94590614

Germany: Joerg Lorenz +49 40-36983354

Maritz Motivation Solutions: Joanne Giljum 636.827.4749

MaritzCX: Audrey Shelton 636.827.3535

QRT:  John Neier 636.827.9609

Maritz Global Events: MaryAnne Zoldak 215.282.9504

All Other Businesses: David Estes 636.827.3376