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Loyalty Experts with Maritz Motivation Solutions Unleash Insights to Achieve Brand Loyalty

April 27, 2015

Orlando, FL (April 27, 2015) – Want to drive brand loyalty among your customers? Show them you care. Loyalty experts with Maritz Motivation Solutions attending the 8th Annual Loyalty Expo 2015  are sharing insights to chart a path in the new loyalty landscape.  VP of Loyalty Solutions Barry Kirk says, “Most of today’s loyalty programs are lost in the wilderness, clinging to outdated mental maps that focus on transactions. The next generation of loyalty programs must focus on an appreciation of the customer relationship.”

Maritz’ LoyaltyNext solution is based on findings from The Maritz Institute about human behavior and suggests that there is more than one kind of loyalty that can be earned from customers. In the new loyalty landscape, the winners will be those companies that adopt a multi-loyalty framework, integrating the best elements of mercenary, true and cult loyalty and combining them into an experience that activates all four biological drives and connects members through shared identity.

Stop by the Maritz booth (200) at the expo from April 27-29 in Orlando, Florida to learn more about the loyalty framework and secrets to achieving what Maritz sees as the holy grail—“cult” loyalty. 


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