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From Transactions to Relationships, Maritz Motivation Solutions & The Maritz Institute Establish New Loyalty Framework

July 07, 2015


St. Louis, MO (July 7, 2015) What is it about Southwest Airlines, Harley Davidson and Panera Bread that makes customers loyal? They appeal to what consumers today want in a company and in a loyalty program--each company makes a connection with customers. According to VP of Loyalty Solutions with Maritz Motivation Solutions Barry Kirk, “Most of today’s loyalty programs are lost in the wilderness, clinging to outdated mental maps that focus on transactions. The next generation of loyalty programs must also focus on an appreciation of the customer relationship.”

Maritz’ approach to next generation loyalty is based on findings from The Maritz Institute about human behavior and suggests that there is more than one kind of loyalty that can be earned from customers. In the new loyalty landscape, the winners will be companies that adopt a multi-loyalty strategy, integrating the best elements of Mercenary, True and Cult Loyalty and combining them into an experience that activates all four biological drives and connects members through shared purpose.

Loyalty marketers actually have a range of choices for the kind of loyalty they want to cultivate with their best customers. The challenge for many will be to move more boldly toward the types of loyalty that drive meaningful relationships, not just repeated transactions. According to Kirk, “The recent decline in loyalty program engagement has largely been a consequence of an over-reliance on Inertia and Mercenary Loyalty. We need to turn our focus to our other two loyalty signposts—those pointing to the two types of loyalty that best embrace a deeper understanding of human motivation.”

“The next generation of marketing is different because the intention is different,” says Mary Beth McEuen, Vice President and Executive Director of The Maritz Institute. “Where a transaction-driven mindset has a core intent of driving more purchases, a purpose-driven mindset has a core intent of driving a desired impact that improves people’s lives.”

This multi-loyalty approach offers a brand new perspective on the loyalty marketing landscape. Kirk adds, “By caring about customers as human beings, making creative use of program currencies, segmenting reward options, personalizing communications, effectively integrating surprise and randomness and enabling tribal connection, we’ll be able to offer an evolution of the traditional loyalty program that brand loyalists won’t be able to resist.”

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