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Workshop Unlocks the Mystery of What Loyal Customers Want

June 06, 2014

Maritz Motivation Experts Lead Persuasive Design Lab

San Francisco, CA (June 10, 2014) -­ Can games like Angry Birds or Monopoly provide inspiration for customer loyalty programs? You bet. That’s one of the goals of “The Persuasive Design Workshop for Next-Gen Loyalty Marketing” during San Francisco’s G-Summit, June 10 to 13.  Barry Kirk and Bill Hennessy, experts in next-gen loyalty marketing, lead an innovative workshop that encourages attendees to think like game designers when creating customer loyalty programs.

Persuasive Design is the art of helping people get what they want in the context of your business. Barry Kirk, VP of loyalty strategy at Maritz Motivation Solutions explains, “Traditional loyalty approaches aren’t exciting customers anymore so this steps up the game. It’s designing a loyalty program from the user’s perspective, not yours.”

The workshop takes attendees in town for the gamification conference through the fundamentals of persuasive design for consumer loyalty in a hands-on lab setting. It helps them re-think their understanding of their customers by tapping into their own knowledge and creativity.

Bill Hennessy, engagement solutions director for Maritz Motivation Solutions, created the Maritz Persuasive Design Lab with Kirk. It’s grounded in the principles of neuroscience and persuasive design to provide a deep understanding of how the human brain works and includes elements of gamification too.  Hennessy explains, “We want to arm the people who go to the workshop with a design pattern they can take back to work and use.”

For more information on the Persuasive Design Lab, Kirk and Hennessy created two short videos.

“Persuasive Design in 30 Seconds”

“Take a Walk on the Loyal Side”

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