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Maritz Motivation Solutions Launches First Ever Retail Redemption Experience

November 18, 2014

RewardSphere™, powered by Oracle, raises the bar on engagement for loyalty and incentive programs.

St. LOUIS, MO (November 18, 2014) -­ Maritz Motivation Solutions, the company that introduced the concept of using merchandise and travel awards to improve business results, has raised the bar on rewards again with a more personalized, retail-like ecommerce experience called RewardSphere™. Whether users are members of a consumer loyalty, employee recognition, or sales incentive program, RewardSphere offers a reward experience that focuses on exactly what motivates people and what they find rewarding.

“When shopping online, consumers have come to expect ratings and reviews, product comparisons, easy search capabilities and access to the site on their phones, tablets or any other device,” according to John McArthur, president of Maritz Motivation Solutions.  “Why should a shopping experience be any different on a points-based reward site? It shouldn’t.”

McArthur says it’s a part of Maritz’ heritage to continually transform the business.  As RewardSphere launches to clients throughout the end of the year and into next year, he continued, “We’re going to have a redemption experience unparalleled in our industry.”

It’s all About People
By applying what it’s learned from The Maritz Institute about human behavior, Maritz Motivation Solutions has designed an experience that is personalized to each user’s profile, preferences and previous shopping behavior.  Plus, by using social and digital intelligence tools Maritz offers the hottest trends in retail that consumers expect.

As a bank teller, Terryl Kaiser earns Key Appreciation points through KeyBank’s employee recognition program.  Kaiser just redeemed points for a flatware set and a blender to use while entertaining over the holidays.

“I love using my points to buy things I want. It's so much fun perusing the online catalog and narrowing it down and finally picking an item out,” said Kaiser. “It's great motivation to work hard if the reward is Key Appreciation points.”

Maritz’ Powerful New Platform
RewardSphere is powered by the same tools and technology behind the most popular online retailers.  Through a strategic agreement with Oracle, Maritz has developed a proprietary layer on top of its existing Oracle Commerce technology that delivers a unique functionality for multiple clients. Rewards members with Marriott, employees of pharmaceutical giant Sanofi, and Nissan car dealers across the country are just some of the millions who have access to exclusive merchandise and experiences through RewardSphere. 

“The Maritz rewards site already provides an exceptional redemption experience for Marriott Rewards members compared to other loyalty offerings,” said Troy Mitchell, director of partnerships, Marriott Rewards. “Now Maritz is moving into what I consider more of an ecommerce website, which will be even more appealing.” 

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