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Incentive Industry Experts From Maritz to Present at Oracle Modern Customer Experience Conference

March 27, 2015

LAS VEGAS (March 27, 2015) Two Maritz Motivation Solutions experts will share insights into how the global rewards company partnered with Oracle Commerce to bring innovation to the incentive industry with a world class ecommerce experience. Maritz Motivation Solutions Chief Information Officer Bryan Phillips and Vice President Jim Slattery will present at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas on April 1. Their presentation “How Maritz Drives More Incentives through Personalized Experiences” shares the story of the launch of RewardSphere™, Maritz’ personalized, retail-like ecommerce experience for members of consumer loyalty, employee recognition, and sales incentive programs that focuses on exactly what motivates people and what they find rewarding.

At the time of the launch in September of 2014, John McArthur, president of Maritz Motivation Solutions asked, “Why should a shopping experience be any different on a points-based reward site? It shouldn’t.” McArthur said it’s a part of Maritz’ heritage to continually transform the business.  As it continues to launch to more than 150 clients, he continued, “We’re going to have a redemption experience unparalleled in our industry.”

RewardSphere™ is powered by the same tools and technology behind the most popular online retailers.  Maritz has developed a proprietary layer on top of its existing Oracle Commerce technology that delivers a unique functionality for multiple clients. Rewards members with Marriott, employees of pharmaceutical giant Sanofi, and Nissan car dealers across the country are just some of the millions who have access to exclusive merchandise and experiences through RewardSphere™.

Attendees at the conference will have an opportunity to tour the ecommerce site and win some of the most popular rewards in the RewardSphere™ collection! If you aren’t lucky at the tables in Las Vegas, you may get lucky at the Maritz presentation and walk away with an iPad mini, Kindle, Fitbit, Sony smartwatch or Bose mini-speaker – five of the most popular rewards offered in the collection. Bring your smartphones or tablets to demo the RewardSphere site for a chance to win!  


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