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Maritz’ focus on health recognized

July 31, 2019

It can be easy to make excuses for why you’re not meeting your health and wellness goals. You get home from a long day at work and have laundry to do, friends to catch up with, and many other things that you may prioritize over your health and wellness. We are proud to provide resources that encourage our employees to reach their health and wellness goals despite the myriad obligations they face. For the fifth year in a row, Maritz has been named one of Interactive Health’s Healthiest Companies in America ... and they don’t just give this award to anyone! Interactive Health has over 1,500 clients, and only 151 companies receive this award. To qualify, the company must have an overall Personal Health score of 0 or lower, and a minimum of 70% participation.     

We beat the goal with an average Personal Health Score of –4.1.  At an individual level, 89% of participants remained in the low risk category, 39% of participants in the moderate risk category moved to the low risk category, and 38% of participants in the high risk category moved to lower risk categories. The specific areas where there have been improvement include blood pressure, LDL cholesterol, blood glucose, triglycerides and tobacco use, with at least 63% of participants maintaining or making health risk improvements in 4 out of 5 of the areas.

Through our partnership with Interactive Health, Maritz’ Healthy You! Wellness Program encourages employees to make time for exercise in their busy days. The program includes a health evaluation, a way to keep track of health indicators and tools to help build a healthier lifestyle.     

Dawn Schillinger, a strategic solutions consultant at Maritz Motivation, appreciates the program and says it improved both her physical and mental health.   

“The walking challenges are my absolute favorite – I love the chance to be competitive, to connect with friends outside of work tasks and the reminder to keep moving,” Dawn said. “I used to think the challenges didn’t do much to change my behavior, but reflecting back, they really do. When I was on vacation last year, I started every day with a bike ride to get my steps in, when I normally would’ve slept in.”

Not only do the Interactive Health programs available through enrollment in the Maritz Medical Plan help our employees live a healthier lifestyle, they also foster a friendly workplace culture and build relationships between employees.   

“The physical benefits come second to the community benefits – we don’t spend that time in silence. We’re talking about work and personal life challenges in a productive way that has improved my perception of company culture,” Dawn said. “It’s also pushed me to make connections with work friends outside of the office. I’ve met people on evenings and weekends to get steps in – like going to the zoo or doing the Yoga under the Stars at the Planetarium – and turned work friendships into real friendships. All of this improves the company culture that I experience every day.”

Dawn is not the only Maritz employee to feel as though they’ve benefited from Maritz’s Wellness Program. Nearly 94% of participants stated that our Healthy You! Program, which includes the Interactive Health program and activities to earn points that can be spent on rewards of their choice, was of value to them.

We're a people company, and we want to inspire our people to be the best they can be, physically and mentally, at work and at home. We are proud to be named a Healthiest Company in America and will continue to offer programs through our medical plan that help our employees be the best they can be.