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Keeping healthy, one step at a time

August 27, 2018

We all have days when we feel like we ran from meeting to meeting, ran from work to activities, ran from errand to errand on the never-ending list of things to do. But a lot of times, all that hustle doesn’t actually include any real running (or walking, or biking, or any other sort of fitness).

Through Maritz’ Wellness Program with Interactive Health, we’re aiming to help employees make time for exercise, along with keeping track of important health indicators and learning how to make lifestyle changes that can benefit their health.

That’s why we’re excited to be named as a Healthiest Company in America by Interactive Health for the fourth year in a row.

As part of the program, Maritz offers health evaluations to employees. What we’ve learned in our five years of health evaluations is that employees participating in the Wellness Program are improving their overall health status over time. Nearly 95 percent of health plan participants last year stated that our Healthy You! Program, which includes Interactive Health and other activities, was of value to them.

The program has been a great resource to Molly Radcliffe, a travel account manager with Maritz Global Events. Molly said she’s been working to get in better shape and feel healthier overall.

“The program allows me to easily see my health status based on test results and maps out a plan to improve my health based on those tests,” Molly said. “It lets me easily compare how my results have varied year to year so I know what to focus on. My favorite thing that the partnership has brought me is the free one-on-one sessions with a personal health coach.”

Dorothea Calabrese works from home as a travel buyer for Maritz Global Events. She says her definition of “virtual worker” is “a non-moving associate with access to a kitchen 24/7.”

“Interactive Health pushes you to get up and move,” Dorothea said. “By documenting your daily routine, you are being held accountable for your movements.”

Dorothea especially found value in the health challenges put on by Maritz throughout the year to encourage employees to get active.

And while employees can see the value in changing their lifestyles, our statistics also show that participants are moving from higher-risk categories into lower-risk categories and improving their Personal Health Scores.

Jeff Kalbac, senior project accountant for Maritz Motivation Solutions, took steps to reduce his soda and sugar intake after learning his A1C (related to diabetes) results were a little elevated.

“The partnership with Interactive Health has brought to light the importance of managing good health,” Jeff said. “Being busy people, we will not typically just do things on our own. The program reminds and guides us in the things we should and should not do.”

The greatest benefit of the program, however, may just be that it’s available and gives employees the extra push they need to make important changes.

“Before I started taking advantage of our partnership with Interactive Health, I didn’t have any concrete plans or a community to help me achieve better health,” Molly said. “Now, I am able to pick and choose what parts of the plans fit me and have a great support network to keep me motivated.”