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We Heart the Red Cross

February 14, 2018

Maritz is proud to be recognized by the American Red Cross as one of its Premier Blood Partners for 2018.

This honor recognizes our support of community and national blood supplies. In 2017, Maritz helped the Red Cross collect 113 donations. That means we helped as many as 339 people who needed blood to recover from accidents, surgeries or treatments.

“Maritz is proud to be part of the Red Cross mission to ensure lifesaving blood is available for those in need,” said Donna Kardell, employee services manager and blood drive coordinator at Maritz. “We do as much as we can to help in our community, and we are grateful to our generous employees and thankful we have the opportunity to host onsite blood drives to encourage them to give.”

This Valentine’s Day, consider sharing a little love with your community and donating blood or platelet at a local donation center.