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Upholding Our Commitment to the Community

January 19, 2018


With a new year underway, many of us are working on fresh starts and clean slates. At Maritz, we are also celebrating good deeds from the past year that will enable more members of our community to enjoy their own fresh starts and clean slates. For us, this includes our highly successful 2017 United Way campaign, which brought our people together with the community.

Rallying around the theme of “Rooted in People, Committed to Service,” Maritz people raised a grand total of $344,000, of which more than 90 percent will go directly to the people served by United Way agencies. Our generous and caring team raised this money through a combination of online pledges and a variety of fundraisers and fun events. We are proud to add  our contributions the incredible $75.65 million raised in total by the United Way of Greater St. Louis through its annual fundraising campaign.

In addition to fundraising, 585 Maritz team members took the opportunity to experience the work of these critical United Way agencies up close and personal by completing 64 Days of Caring projects (a new record for us!).

“The opportunity to go out into the community and spend time volunteering with an organization gives us the chance not only to bond with our colleagues, but it also allows us to interact with people who we may not normally encounter in our daily lives,” says Martha Woodson, manager of leisure travel for Maritz Travel. “Food for the soul is just as important as food for our bodies, and this is truly a great buffet that we get to partake in!”

View the video to see one example of our commitment to the community and everyone who lives here.