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Dedicated to People and Potential

January 08, 2018

When she joined Maritz as an intern, little did Denise Gibbs realize what a big effect it would have on her life.

After a brief time, Denise was selected for an internship with the database team, and after the internship ended, she was hired by the database manager for a full-time position. While she found a new job at Maritz, Denise also found a new path. Through Maritz’ tuition reimbursement program, and the support of her family of co-workers, Denise earned her undergraduate degree in business and her master’s degree in management. Along the way, she has transitioned from a data entry operator to a SQL database administrator.

 “They support you in whatever it is you want to do,” Denise says of Maritz. “I’m a database administrator, but if I wanted to go and do something else in IT, I could go and study it. I don’t have to stay on the path of database administration. Maritz allows and even encourages employees to grow.”

Helping people and employees grow

With decades of experience and research in people-based sciences and solutions, we know people need and want to develop and change. Embracing and understanding that change have allowed Maritz to continuously innovate, starting by transitioning from a jewelry company to a leader in the loyalty and rewards industry during the Great Depression.

Maritz companies help other businesses connect with their employees, and we lead the way by focusing on our own employee engagement, professional development and community involvement.

  • Maritz Global Events has integrated Aspirational Coaching, an approach that fosters growth through regular, honest conversations with peers, managers and employees to drive the celebration of accomplishments and the development of solutions and pathways on areas for improvement.
  • Maritz Motivation Solutions uses its own employee engagement solution to engage and motivate its people with world-class rewards and recognition that both managers and peers can give and receive.
  • MaritzCX provides free snacks, game rooms and flexible work arrangements to maintain a fun and inspiring culture.
  • Across the Maritz portfolio, the organization offers tuition assistance, online learning and on-site training programs, and executive leadership development.

Our employees are also encouraged to connect with their community, and our company fosters a volunteer spirit in those willing and able to donate time, funding and support. We are extremely proud of our community outreach programs, which are a priority. Our Employee Community Engagement Program gives employees up to 12 paid hours each year to participate in community service with Maritz philanthropic partners. Because of our focus on helping people achieve their full potential, we align generous corporate giving with educational endeavors.