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Maritz Gets Innovative with Wellness

June 20, 2017

At Maritz, innovation runs deep. As a 123-year old company, we have a long history that includes re-invention and innovation. This philosophy spans both to our client programs and for our own employees.

Recently, Interactive Health named Maritz one of the Healthiest Companies in America. This award is a direct reflection of our employees who participate in our healthcare program and their commitment to living better and healthier lives.

As any person trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle knows, you need to keep things interesting to stay motivated. The same holds true for Maritz when it comes to continually motivating our people to make healthy choices.

With that in mind, our benefits team took wellness one step further this past year. In conjunction with Interactive Health, we launched an innovative program that incentivized our healthcare participants to get even more involved in wellness. The program, Walk to Paris, challenged our employees to compete with a team and walk an average of 11,000,000 steps to get to Paris, earning great prizes along the way. More than 625 employees participated in this program, logging their steps from February to August. Their efforts resulted in a total of 502,897,500 steps! This program proved so successful that Interactive Health will be using it as an example as they design future tools and challenges for their other clients.

True innovation comes when you refuse to stop growing, learning and inventing. At Maritz, our teams believe in the power of innovation to change lives for the better. Congratulations to our benefits team and to our people for their continued success!