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A Steward of Technology: Jason Hampton Leads Successful Implementation of Workday at Maritz

November 15, 2017

When Jason Hampton, vice president of corporate IT solutions, joined Maritz, he was tasked with finding ways to use technology to improve the way we get things done at work.

“An innovative idea can come from anywhere and can range from small to large,” said Jason. The trick, according to him, is to collect and evaluate them and, if there’s a solid business case, prioritize them and get them on the calendar.

After taking an inventory of Maritz’ systems and software and evaluating the usefulness and the ease of use for the users, Jason set out to improve key areas that would offer the most benefit to the user and Maritz. This led to one of the more complex implementations at Maritz — the introduction of Workday, a platform to manage our HR needs.

“With Workday, our strategy has been to simplify the HR operating environment. We believe this simplification will create efficiencies which in turn leads to a better experience for all our workers,” said Jason. “The business environment is constantly changing… and managing people effectively is more important to competitive success than ever before.”

Since the implementation of Workday, the team has seen positive results and feedback from users. Anne Kettenbrink, a new employee in Brand and Reputation, commented on the ease of the job application and onboarding process in Workday.  “I logged into the system and it was intuitive and easy to figure out what I needed to do as a new hire," said Anne. "I was able to take care of all my onboarding task right there in the system, and complete them before my first day at Maritz…it was a great first experience!”

That success and Jason’s strategic approach resulted in Workday inviting him to speak at its national conference, Workday Rising. At the conference, Jason presented to a maxed-out audience of nearly 300 people who were seeking advice about how to successfully manage change and maintain a sensible governance structure.

Strong, positive feedback from the session’s survey showed that people from across the country appreciated the opportunity to learn about Maritz’ expert change management process.

Yet, even with the successful implementation and praiseworthy conference presentation, Jason’s work is never done.

“Folks often think the work of a major project like Workday is over when we go live. The truth is, that’s when the real work begins. Fortunately, at Maritz, we have strong, smart teams who have the ability to not only accomplish big strategic initiatives, but also manage day-to-day activities that keep our people happy and productive.”

It is people like Jason who make Maritz a great place to work, and we applaud his innovative, expert approach to improving our business through technology.