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Maritz Honored with Healthiest Company in America by Interactive Health

June 12, 2017

We are thrilled to announce that Interactive Health, our wellness partner, has named Maritz one of the Healthiest Companies in America. Maritz is one of only 156 other companies who achieved this status, which is based on measurable outcomes achieved by health care plan participants.

This award validates the hard work and commitment of our people in maintaining and improving their overall health, and achieving better lives.

Over the last four years, our company has made significant strides in improving our wellness program. Each member of our team across the nation has access to walking programs, annual health screenings and health coaches. In addition, our headquarters’ office in Fenton offers our people access to a wellness room, a walking map with various mileage routes across campus, an on-site physician’s office, and healthy food options in our cafeteria.

“This award is a great testament to the commitment our employees have to living a healthy lifestyle,” said Karen Staten, Maritz’ senior director, HR Services. “At Maritz, wellness is an essential cultural value that has been embraced throughout the organization. Now that we have completed our fourth year of health evaluations, it's gratifying to see evidence that shows such a positive impact on the lives of our employees.”

Interactive Health’s workplace wellness programs transform companies and their employees by helping people understand how they can improve their health. Here at Maritz, we take pride in offering our employees benefits that help them in achieving better health. We stand alongside the other 156 winners and say congratulations to all the employees who are making positive changes in their lives through wellness.

Want to know more? Check out this press release from Interactive Health.