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Celebrate Students' Success - Vote for Maritz!

January 19, 2017

The polls are open. Vote today!

The International Corporate Citizenship Film Festival is the largest film festival devoted exclusively to celebrating the work of corporate social responsibility professionals, their companies and programs.

As part of the Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship Film Festival, Maritz has produced a video highlighting its partnership with Teach For America and Patrick Henry Downtown Academy, and the power motivation plays in making a difference in the lives of underprivileged children and their education.

In the video Patrick Henry staff along with a Maritz representative talk about the success of the first year of the We Learn Together program. Colby Heckendorn, principal at Patrick Henry said, “This year we truly got to celebrate our students’ success, brought in families and engaged our families and helped move our students forward which is the ultimate goal of the program.”

Let’s celebrate the students’ success. Vote today! Please follow this link and help Maritz celebrate the students’ success.

Also, follow Maritz on Twitter @Maritz_MHI, Facebook and LinkedIn to retweet and share the video submission with friends and family!Use the hashtag #CSRStory to see what others are saying about the contest! Thank you and happy voting!

* Maritz is showcased in the small companies category.