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Maritz Makes an Impact in STEMpact Collaborative

August 23, 2016

Once again, Maritz is helping education thrive in the St. Louis region through a partnership with STEMpact, a collaborative of St. Louis’ top STEM companies, combining resources and human capital of major corporations and leading academic institutions to help STEM education thrive in the St. Louis region.

Maritz has partnered with STEMpact over the last four years, providing funding for the Quality Professional Development Initiative, a comprehensive professional development program focused on “stemitizing” curriculum. The year-long program helps STEM teachers increase their subject knowledge, learn how to implement an integrated curriculum and enable STEM capable learners. In the most recent school year (2015-2016), Maritz’ grant was able to impact over 170 teachers from 16 school districts and their 7000 students, 165 teachers and 32 schools.

Maritz’ Lin Hillerman sits on the board for STEMpact. “I enjoy being on the board because I have a professional and personal interest in the success and professional development of STEM curriculum,” said Lin. “I have two children who are interested in STEM careers and they will benefit from knowledgeable teachers. As a corporate professional, I see a large need to increase the employee pool moving forward, so we can avoid a bidding war because companies are fighting for potential employees with a strong STEM background.”

We are excited to continue our work with STEMpact and make a difference in the education climate of the St. Louis region. To learn more about the STEMpact Teach Quality Initiative, check out this Wash U. article here.