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We Learn Together Program Impacts Students and Maritz for the Better

May 06, 2016

“The excitement you see on these student’s faces when they are presented with their certificate, nothing beats it. It is one of the most gratifying experiences to be able to help this school continue to excel day after day.”

This is the sentiment expressed by Russ Frey, a Maritz Motivation Solutions employee, who works closely with Patrick Henry Downtown Academy, an elementary school located in the heart of St. Louis in a neighborhood plagued by challenges, and a long-standing partner of Maritz.

The Maritz and Patrick Henry partnership grew significantly this past year when the Maritz team and Patrick Henry teachers, developed and launched the We Learn Together program. The program has seen great success, with students exceling in school and families celebrating their accomplishments as one community.

But the beauty of this program is that it extends beyond the students and has the power to impact those of us at Maritz who have the opportunity to bring to life our skillsets to help others.

Lynne Hayes, a fellow Maritz employee who helped with the program’s development, has experienced the impact of the We Learn Together program.

“I cannot even talk about the program without getting emotional. The excitement and genuine care you see from the teachers and students is something you don’t see very often. We are making a positive impact on this community and nothing feels better.”

“When I think about this past year, I think I have learned more from this school community and students than I could have even imagined. I feel like I have learned so much from them, and I hope they have learned from me along the way as well,” Lynne reflected.

“Our corporate citizenship program was developed to benefit both the community we live in as well as our employees. Our partnership with Teach For America and Patrick Henry Downtown Academy is a great reflection of that. Our employees are able to help our non-profit partners by utilizing their expertise to apply client-based motivational approaches to the classroom environment. As a result, employees are more connected with the company, while having an opportunity to build their skillsets and feel good about giving back in this way,” says Debbie Schirmer, Maritz community affairs director.

Both Lynne and Russ, along with their MMS colleagues Mary Luckey, Beth Schelske and Debi Vetz, as well as MTC colleagues Sandy Hackenwerth and Jean Schillinger are looking forward to the continued partnership between Maritz and Patrick Henry, and cannot wait to finish this school year strong with the teachers and students of the school.