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NPR Shines Spotlight on Maritz Global Events Fight Against Human Trafficking

August 11, 2016

“As I started researching, the very first article and picture I stumbled upon was a young girl being trafficked out of a hotel in St. Louis,” Maritz Global Events President David Peckinpaugh told Ashley Milne-Tyte with NPR. “And you could see the St. Louis arch in the background.”

Until a couple years ago, Peckinpaugh assumed stuff like this only happened overseas. But, after some research he quickly learned differently.

Throughout the globe, and here in the United States, human traffickers are using the travel industry as a channel for this horrific exploitation of human lives. As an industry leader, we are in a prime position to raise awareness and put an end to this serious problem. Maritz Global Events is proud to be the first meetings and event company to sign ECPAT- USA’s Tourism Child-Protection Code of Conduct (The Code) in 2014, and to continue funding and using our global reach to educate others on this important issue, which impacts all of us as human beings.

Our efforts were recently highlighted on NPR Marketplace, where ambassadors from Maritz Global Events spoke on the importance of training employees to identify human trafficking incidents. Our own Betsy Soltysiak is a key player in this fight, in her role leading human trafficking awareness classes for Maritz Global Events employees.

Peckinpaugh works closely with Soltysiak and other key members to make sure we are doing everything we can to combat this awful practice.

Living up to our “Unleashing Human Potential” philosophy means we’re always on the lookout for new and innovative ways to help the people we impact reach their full potential. Maritz Global Events is strengthening that commitment through our fight to stop human trafficking.

To hear the entire interview and read the article on NPR, click here.