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Maritz Honored with Social Innovation Award!

May 11, 2016

"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together." - African Proverb

We are thrilled to announce the St. Louis Business Journal has awarded Maritz the Social Innovation Award as part of their Innovation Awards 2016. With a focus on The Science and Art of People and Potential, Maritz takes pride in our belief in the potential of people to drive business and change the world, which wouldn’t be possible without innovation.

As a 122-year old company, Maritz has a legacy of re-invention and innovation. Founded as a jewelry manufacturer in 1894, the company found itself at a pivotal moment when the Great Depression hit. Gone were the days of people buying luxurious watches, but we thought perhaps businesses would consider watches as a reward for their high-performing employees. So Maritz made the ultimate transformation from a jewelry company to sales incentive company. Maritz recognized a need of our customers and thus gave birth the incentive industry as we know it today.

Fast forward to the present, and Maritz continues to pioneer innovation in a variety of ways, and has a dedicated, purposeful innovation and growth strategy. This strategy now strategically sits within The Maritz Institute, a long-term R&D function for all Maritz businesses that digs into the latest neuroscience in effort to inform client solutions. This blend of science and art provides Maritz a unique point of view on innovation, which has informed the success of a variety of initiatives.

One of these initiatives is the Maritz Innovation Symposium, which has been inspiring Maritz employees to think BIG and bring innovative approaches to clients for the past several years. This event has seen great success, and as a result, this year Maritz is focused on not only amplifying innovation within the organization, but within the St. Louis community as a whole. Maritz’ goal is to bring like-minded corporate innovators together in effort to inspire new, innovative business practices and give back to the community that we are proud to live and work in. To learn more about this year’s Innovation by Design Summit (formerly the Innovation Symposium), read here.

Another initiative that demonstrates Maritz’ commitment to innovation and giving back to the community is the recent partnership with Capital Innovators, one of the nation’s top 10 tech accelerators. Based on Maritz’ legacy of re-invention and innovation, the company is helping shepherd the Capital Innovators’ start-ups to achieve success while gaining access to and inspiration from the thinking and technologies these entrepreneurs are developing. To learn more about that partnership, click here. In addition, Maritz has built a formal mentorship program to connect Maritz’ top talent with Capital Innovators’ companies moving through the accelerator program. Check out the inaugural class of Maritz mentors and learn about the successes achieved here.

This award is a great testament to Maritz commitment to breaking barriers and creating networks for collaboration and innovation in the St. Louis area.

There will be an awards ceremony June 23 to celebrate the winners, so stay tuned for more details! To read the full article about the Innovation Awards, click here.