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Maritz and Acura Give Back to the St. Louis Community

August 29, 2016

Work hard, have fun, and get the job done. That is a motto that is lived out each day at Maritz.

When Tony Oborny, Manager of Sales Communications, Acura Division of American Honda Motor Co., Inc, asked Maritz to expand on that motto, the Acura/Maritz team made it happen – planning a two-day meeting so Maritz and Acura team members could learn more about each other’s core values, history, and heritage.

“We’ve been partnering with Acura and Honda for many years,” said Rich Rudelic, Account Operations Strategist. “Having the opportunity to discuss Honda’s core values – dream, joy, challenging spirit, passion and respect – and how they align with Maritz’ core values was great for everyone involved."

"It definitely strengthened the relationship between our teams," said John Ducharme, V.P. Operations. It gave us a chance to better understand how to represent the Acura brand in the market and to their customers.”

The team then set out to put those values into action together. A group of about 40 Maritz and Acura people volunteered with Circle of Concern, a Maritz non-profit partner that serves as a food pantry where families can come and receive groceries, financial assistance, scholarships, and participate in a children’s program. They helped package up school supplies, toiletry items and fresh produce, and cleaned the facility.

“Taking time to understand one another’s core values was very beneficial for our partnership," said Bill Taylor, Senior Account Manager. "But then being able to fully put into action Honda’s core value of joy – which is defined as a conscious choice to live and work with a grateful heart for a cause greater than oneself – proved to be even more fulfilling. We are grateful to have had the opportunity to join with our client in service to the less fortunate in our community."

True joy came from those 40 people who were able to spend a couple hours doing something good for someone else. Maritz is proud to be able to partner with Acura and strengthen an already strong partnership.