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Maritz and Capital Innovators Join Forces to Spark Innovation

February 08, 2016

We are thrilled to announce today that Maritz has established a groundbreaking partnership with Capital Innovators, one of the nation’s top 10 tech accelerators. As partners, Maritz and Capital Innovators will be sharing knowledge and insights, networking and mentoring in a new way. And – starting this month—we’ll co-lease space at Cortex, the innovation hub located in mid-town St. Louis, through a shared membership in Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC).

Maritz will help mentor the Capital Innovators’ start-ups, while gaining access to and inspiration from the thinking and technologies they are developing. At Cortex, we will work alongside incubators, accelerators, start-ups, large St. Louis companies like Nestle Purina and tech giants like Uber, Square and Pandora. It’s an environment designed to spur ‘innovative collisions,’ and we look forward to doing just that. Plugged into the CIC community, we will gain insights into our shifting landscape, identify and anticipate market disruptions, and infuse our own culture with a spirit of innovation.

Why is this so exciting? Founded as a jewelry company in 1894, Maritz has reinvented itself many times over the years. However, this new partnership represents an evolution beyond ourselves to embrace the wider community of disruptors and innovators. We aspire to create a network of passionate, likeminded people that will ignite an innovation movement among corporations, the start-up community and beyond.

To read more about this exciting partnership, visit here.