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Maritz Hosts Annual Bring Your Dog to Work Day

June 20, 2016

“Woof, woof, woof.” That’s the noise Maritz employees heard as we walked into work Friday, June 10. The seventh annual Bring Your Dog to Work Day had begun, with furry friends taking over hallways and offices throughout campus.

Bring Your Dog to Work Day has become a staple on the Fenton campus, as dog owners love the opportunity to bring their canine children to work with them!

“Bring Your Dog to Work Day is one of my favorite activities on the Maritz calendar,” said Jessica Edgar, marketing manager for The Maritz Institute. “There’s something about this day that connects you to your fellow employees and puts a smile on everyone’s face.”

Steve Maritz, Chairman and CEO, is also a big fan of Bring Your Dog to Work Day. As a dog lover himself, he likes to bring any number of his four dogs to the event, and lead the Puppy Parade, which includes a tour around the Maritz campus.

Bring Your Dog to Work Day started seven years ago as a spin-off to another pet lover’s event, PetPalooza. PetPalooza, sponsored by Maritz and Nestle Purina, showcases lots of fun activities and shows with the Purina dogs. The event garnered so much excitement from the Maritz community that Bring Your Dog to Work Day was born. And, seven years later, the event is still a huge success among employees and canines alike!