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We Are Honored to Be Named a Best Place to Work!

March 04, 2016

We are thrilled to announce the St. Louis Business Journal has named Maritz a Best Place to Work and called us out with a special recognition for Community Impact.  With people at the heart of our business, we are deeply honored by both awards, which speak to our belief in the potential of people to drive business and change the world.

Our company motto at Maritz is “work hard, have fun, and get the job done,” and we really do that, every day. We have created a grassroots environment in which employees build the kind of place they want to work, and the result is an overall culture that is people-centered, innovative, giving, fun and creative.

We work hard, and we play hard. Our people love to have a good time, so we naturally infuse a spirit of fun into the jobs we do. This isn’t too difficult when the work itself brings joy and inspiration to the people who experience the programs we put together – such as incentive and loyalty programs, meetings and events and more.

Beyond that, our Community Impact – and the dedication of our people to supporting those programs -- is a powerful piece of what makes our culture special. So, we are delighted to be called out for our commitment in this space too.

Because we are dedicated to the Science and Art of People and Potential, our community outreach is targeted to make an impact on education. An employee-led Corporate Giving Council drives all decision making around the dollars we donate, and we strive to involve all Maritz people through a community engagement program that provides each employee up to 12 hours of company time per year to work with a Maritz philanthropic partner. 

Through our work with Teach For America (TFA), Maritz employees partner with Patrick Henry Downtown Academy, a school located in the heart of St. Louis that resides in a neighborhood plagued by challenges. Working with teachers and staff at Patrick Henry, we developed a program called We Learn Together, in which our experts in the science and art of motivating people work with teachers to inspire kids to succeed in school.

Even when we’re busy helping our community, a commitment to fun shows up in all our activities. For example, during our United Way campaign, we inspire our team to give deeply and support the community through fun events like a kickball tournament, a fun run, trivia night and more.

These awards mean a lot to us. Not only are they a great testament to who we are as a company, they also demonstrate just how awesome Maritz people are, when it comes to creating a great company and building a better St. Louis.

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