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Becky Bromberg Honored with Biz Journal's Corporate Counsel Award

July 28, 2016

At Maritz, people are the heart of our story. We enjoy a fun, exciting and collaborative work environment, celebrating one another and celebrating success.

In the spirit of celebrating each other, we are excited to announce that Becky Bromberg, vice president and associate general counsel, has been honored with the St. Louis Business Journal Corporate Counsel Award for Innovation. Steve O’Malley, president of Maritz Travel, nominated Becky for this award based on her many contributions to the business and community.

“Becky takes pride in learning and understanding each part of the travel industry and arms herself with the necessary knowledge to do her job to the best of her ability,” said O’Malley. “She has shown this commitment in various ways, whether it be by simplifying and improving our legal agreements, developing the Maritz Blueprint concept, her work on the Maritz Global Meetings Network, or her commitment to philanthropic work,” he said.

Carrie Schafer, a colleague, spoke on Bromberg's commitment to delivering excellence as well. "Becky’s intelligence goes far beyond her day-to-day duties. She is certainly a brilliant attorney, but more than that, she is a brilliant business woman," Schafer said. "She has the ability to take small bits of information and the starts of ideas and turn them into reality."

Along with her countless hours working on contracts and agreements for Maritz Travel, Becky also finds time to give back to the community where she lives and works. She became involved with the Big Brother Big Sister organization right out of law school, and was matched with a seven-year-old, Romie. Over the last ten years, Romie has become a part of the Bromberg family, traveling with them on vacations and spending time with Becky doing various activities around the St. Louis area.

Becky’s time with Romie sparked an idea. What if there was a program that furthered the impact of Big Brother Big Sister relationships through shared travel experiences? Becky identified an innovative solution and got to work on creating the Maritz Travel Scholarship Program, providing the opportunity for matches to learn and grow together through experiences!

“It is a true honor to receive this award. It is even more so to be thought of as a leader by Steve O’Malley and Maritz Travel. I’m lucky to work in an environment that believes in, promotes and practices the idea of unleashing human potential, both professionally and personally,” said Bromberg.

Congratulations, Becky!