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Becky Bromberg Honored with Big Sister of the Year Award

February 02, 2016

Fresh out of law school and beginning her career as a lawyer, Becky Bromberg was ready and willing to take on the challenges that came with the real world, including giving back to those in need. As an avid philanthropist, Becky was raised with a giver’s heart, and was searching for a new organization in which to lend her time and talents. Her colleague and mentor at the time was a big supporter of Big Brothers Big Sisters, and pointed Becky in its direction to become a mentor herself.

As the saying goes, the rest is history.

In 2005, Becky became a “Big” sister when matched with a seven year old girl named Romie. Throughout their time together, Becky and Romie have done a variety of activities together including visiting just about every St. Louis attraction, getting manicures and pedicures, as well as traveling to cities such as New York, Kansas City, Branson and Chicago. As their relationship has grown, Romie has become a part of Becky’s family.

Ten and a half years later, Becky is still selflessly giving her time and talents to this great organization. Why? Becky firmly believes that through this mentoring program, she has the ability to impact lives in ways that mirror her own upbringing. “As a child, I came from a very loving and supportive family. In becoming a mentor, my hope is that I am able to transfer the love and support I received growing up to someone who may not have been as fortunate as I was. What I did not expect was to receive just as much from Romie as Romie received from me. I get the opportunity to see the world through Romie’s eyes, and it is a truly gratifying experience.”

One of Becky’s favorite memories with Romie is the recent trip Romie and she took to New York as a 10 year anniversary trip. As part of the family, Romie got to decide where she wanted to go, and Becky planned the trip, with a couple of guidelines. In order for them to be able to go, Romie had to have at least a 3.2 GPA and the higher the GPA was, the more activities Becky allowed for on their trip. Not only did Romie achieve a 3.2 GPA, she was so successful in the classroom that she and Becky got to take a guided bus tour through the city, saw the musical Matilda, visited Chinatown, took a horse and buggy ride through Central Park and even visited Harlem. It was in Harlem where Romie really embraced the culture and gave her the ability to think about her future and the life she aspires to have.


Because of Becky’s commitment to this organization and Romie in particular, she was nominated and subsequently chosen as the Big Sister of the Year by the Big Brothers and Big Sisters organization. When asked what being given this award meant to her, Becky responded, “This is really an honor. To be acknowledged by those who are already doing so much is very humbling.”

With Becky’s career and Romie’s busy teenage schedule, keeping up with one another can be difficult. Becky truly appreciates the value that comes from Maritz’ Employee Community Engagement paid time off opportunity. This benefit allows employees to take up to eight hours of paid time off per year to get involved with our philanthropic partners. Just last year, the ECE program allowed Becky and Romie the chance to spend a day at Six Flags, without the long lines that occur on the weekends, Becky added with a smile on her face!

Maritz is very lucky to have employees like Becky who give so selflessly to others, and are a true role model in the community. Congratulations, Becky! Your Maritz family is proud of you!

If you are inspired by Becky and would like to inquire about becoming a Big Brother or Big Sister, please visit the Big Brothers Big Sisters website!