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Boys and Girls Club of Greater St. Louis Calls on Maritz’ Research Expertise

December 20, 2016

Maritz takes pride in our employees' commitment to giving both their time and expertise to support our non-profit partners. That is why, when Flint Fowler, president of the Boys and Girls Club of Greater St. Louis, reached out to Maritz about interest in providing our expertise in survey development and execution for a project, we were happy to lend a hand. The Boys and Girls Club is building a new 30,000 square foot facility in Ferguson, MO. and wanted to collect opinions from teenagers in North County about the desired features and program offerings of the new facility.

Three eager Maritz employees, Erik Eiswirth, Ted Saunders, and Pam Hill, stepped up and volunteered their expertise in research and survey development and market intelligence to help in this process. Over the course of about five months the team administered in-person focus group, an online survey, and data analysis. Upon completion of the survey and data analysis, the team presented their findings to the Boys and Girls Club Board of Directors in November.

“I was proud to hear that Flint wanted us to design and administer their market research survey. It felt good to know that I was in a unique position to help the Boys and Girls Club due to my experience with market research,” said Erik. “I’m also proud that Maritz was supportive of this effort by allowing me to use designated volunteer work hours to assist in administering and presenting the survey findings. It will be exciting to see the final amenities that are selected to be included in the new Boys and Girl Club and what it will be named.”

“Our non-profit partner relationships mean more than just writing a check and walking away. It sometimes means a commitment of our business solutions and the time and expertise of our employees. I’m proud to see our people give their time and talent.”

Maritz’ Community Affairs Director, Debbie Schirmer, has spoken these words countless times and our people rise to the occasion time and again when non-profit partners reach out asking for our expertise.