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The New Is Designed with You in Mind

October 05, 2015

At Maritz, we are all about people. We understand people and what drives them. Our solutions are designed to help people be the best they can be. Our talented employees are the heart of our organization.  

With such a long history and deep meaning behind the Maritz name, it is important that our website – often the first impression of our brand – reflect what it is we’re all about, our values, people expertise, deep understanding of the human sciences and history of innovation.  

That is why we’re thrilled to launch a newly redesigned  

The new puts you, the visitor, at the center of the experience.  

The site is much simpler and easier to navigate and has rich images and a vibrant color palette. We made each design and functionality decision with you in mind, including how you may think about your business problems, how you might refer to our solutions and services, and what type of device you can use to experience the site – whether desktop, tablet or on your mobile phone.  

And for those of you looking to begin a career here at Maritz – and we think you should consider it – we have an opportunity to highlight our culture, commitment to the community and various career opportunities.  

We invite you to explore the site more, check out our portfolio of companies and their offerings, learn more about what it’s like to work here, and connect with us on social media. We love people, and we want you to love every interaction with us.