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It starts with your people.

Your teams make all the difference in a hyper-competitive market. The experience you provide to your customers has the power to inspire lasting loyalty and generate business results.

We’re your trusted partner.

Maritz has been partnering with automotive manufacturers and dealers for more than 65 years. Together, we motivate, educate and engage your teams to higher levels of performance – with a focus on implementation and process improvements, a promise to generate profitability and results, and the tools, resources and data to drive dealers to excel.

We fuel your results.

Performance improvement services that run the gamut.

We design, develop and deliver solutions for your channel partners—retail automotive dealerships and their field organization. Our full-suite of automotive service offerings address all points in the customer cycle including pre-sale, sale and aftersales, and at all customer interface points, both in-dealership and online.

  • Service Drive

    Our solutions focus on managing service drive capacity through consistent process improvement; we help identify behaviors that will optimize profitability, with a focus on retaining existing customers, recapturing lost customers, and capturing non-franchise customers.

  • Inbound/
    Outbound Marketing

    We work closely with OEMs to ensure that the significant investments to drive leads into the pipeline are supported by solid processes on the retail side; our solutions focus on phone and digital lead handling processes, outbound lead management and digital marketing.

  • Sales Process Training

    We work with OEMs and dealers to create immediate, actionable processes that can be used by sales/BDCs on a monthly basis to consistently improve sales, giving purpose and direction to activities. Our solutions focus on maximizing daily opportunities through tracking and effective coaching, action planning and goal-setting.

  • Fixed Operations

    Our solutions recognize the important role that Fixed Operations plays in bottom-line profitability; we help service departments understand customer touchpoints in service that impact customer retention and loyalty, help establish consistent processes to enhance productivity and leverage technology to improve the customer experience.

  • CPO and Fleet Sales

    With 4 million off-lease vehicles in-market by 2018 and industry-wide pressure on residual values, OEM’s must operate robust, efficient CPO systems that support overall fleet value. The innovative Maritz Certification and Delivery Tool facilitates the OEM go-to-market strategies by widening the customer pipeline to digitize the certification process, produce more shop capacity, lower the cost of vehicle certification at retail and increase CPO sales and customer loyalty.

  • Field Support

    We help OEMs strengthen the relationship between their field/sales force and the dealer body, by providing solutions that lead to constructive contacts, effective meetings and help align both audiences toward common goals and objectives.

  • Vehicle Sales Consulting

    It’s not enough to deliver a powerful and inspiring learning experience; it must also translate into action. Our auto dealer training solutions offer a simplified approach to product features, functions and benefits, and help sales consultants create a compelling story that meets the needs and expectations of customers.

  • Retail Consulting

    We have a strong bench of retail consultants who work within the dealership to develop true solutions to underlying problems that impact customer satisfaction metrics. Using people-centered design, we help develop long-term methodologies that lead to sustainable improvement.

  • Measurement and Reporting

    Our Decision Sciences Analysts help clients establish baselines and identify tangible program objectives, then create ROI plans that measure the effectiveness of a program toward achieving those goals. We deliver these results through visualized web-based reporting dashboards with program sales and performance data that can be accessed 24-7.

  • Customer Experience Assessment

    We understand the customer experience relies on a cycle of coordination and communication within the dealership; if one point of contact is off, the experience can be negative. We provide a holistic view of those elements that help reduce defection, and increase car brand loyalty, retention and advocacy – keeping customers happy and engaged throughout the lifecycle.

  • Consumer Loyalty and Retention

    We design, develop and manage industry-leading automotive customer loyalty and retention solutions; our solutions integrate with OEM service and parts marketing, align with regional goals and objectives and serve as a primary driver of an exceptional customer experience.

  • Employee Recognition

    We understand what drives and motivates people – both the emotional and rational aspects. We use this intimate knowledge of people to design programs that influence behaviors; our recognition and reward solutions are cost effective and impactful, delivering on sales and improved customer experience.

Big shifts in dealership practice require the right support.

Our national network of consultants provides hands-on assistance to catalyze this change process and maximize performance. Recruited for their in-dealership, performance improvement expertise, Maritz consultants partner with you to tackle your toughest challenges, develop actionable steps and identify the right resources to get the job done.

Together, we’re building loyal, lifetime relationships with your best customers, employees and channel partners.

Driving behaviors is the heart of our services.

Our automotive services tap into what engages and motivates people to act on what really matters. Whether you’re looking for a comprehensive, strategic consulting solution or just need help with one component of your customer’s car-buying journey, the expertise and thought we bring to the table will help you move the needle on customer satisfaction.

In-dealership Consulting

Increase CSI and SSI scores, improve customer retention, and achieve growth in sales and profitability.

Dealer Retention and Rewards Programs

Engaged dealers deliver positive customer experiences and drive business growth.

Communications & Engagement

Segment your customers and dealers through targeted communications and triggered campaigns with information designed to motivate, inform and engage.

Customer Experience Research

Understand and respond to customers in real time, increasing your CSI scores and improving the overall customer experience.

Dealer Network Training

Arm your dealers with the tools, processes, skills and information they need to optimize performance.

Digital Marketing Services

Optimize your digital footprint and online experience to create more traffic, improve conversions and drive sales.

Meetings, Events, and Incentive Travel

Inspire dealers and connect with customers during Dealer Advisory Board or Regional Sales events, National Dealer Meetings, or consumer ride and drives.

Best-in-class Loyalty Technology

Improve customer retention with points-based loyalty programs that drive service visits and repeat purchases.

Sales Incentive Programs

Drive performance within your sales force through sales incentive programs that deliver significant ROI.

Decision Sciences

Understand how your programs perform and use program data to continually test new ideas and measure results for improved processes and higher sales.

It’s a Science and an Art.

Throughout all our service offerings, we’ve got people in mind. We’re continually studying the latest applied human sciences, with an emphasis on uncovering the latest in behavioral science, and applying it toward our program design. Advancing our knowledge of people and why we do what we do, ensures we deliver solutions that help you achieve business results.


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